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toto come home.


One of our splurges in *camp1899* is a wall-hung toilet for each bathroom. I don’t mind housework. Well, most of it. There is a short list of house “chores” that aren’t my favorite, and high high on the list is cleaning the base of the toilet. It’s not the most glamorous for sure, and usually not the easiest because you’re craning trying to get all around it in a small space. (no matter how large the bathroom, the toilet seems to always be squeezed in) So, we splurged a little and ordered Toto wall hung toilets, they don’t cost a huge amount more, it’s the in-wall tank that zaps you a bit, the toilet itself costs the same as any toilet. But… we were really lucky and got the two discounted through a plumber we hired to install the tanks. FYI, some suppliers will give discounts if you are purchasing through a local, licensed installer; in this case we hired out the instillation of the tanks instead of Sean diy’ing them and it paid off big time at the tune of 30% of the total ticket price. Yes, please!!!! The one time it truly paid to hire someone versus the hubby doing it. The below photos show the tanks, and above is what our toilet looks like, and I can’t tell you how excited this purchase makes me. No more toilet basins to clean, ever!!!! (and just in case you’re wondering, they don’t blow air on you or shoot water up or have heated seats, they’re just wall hung….we don’t need the full court press, just easier cleaning!)

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