neighbors & fences


did i mention we have new neighbors? things have been a changing on our little block. a renter moved out on our street and we’ll soon have a new, more permanent neighbor, we are so happy about this. and beside us a couple moved in who have already become such good next door neighbors.. although they did want to put a privacy fence up first thing so hmmmm?? haha.. it was actually a project in the making. dave (working hard in the above pic’s) and the husband made quick work of it, minus one small rain delay. we now have a privacy fence running almost the length of the property on one side, stretching over to the house. on the opposite side of the house we need to add to an existing privacy fence that runs half way up the yard and also stretch it to the house as well. it’s on the yard to-do list for ??? it’s amazing how much bigger we both felt it made our side yards seem. he and i are already dreaming & scheming on what we’re going to do over there.

we had a very full weekend, can’t wait to share later! what about you? do anything fun or productive?

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