corn maze


our first corn maze ever! do you have autumn traditions? we always say this year let’s do a corn maze and each year we don’t. now that i’ve been once i would love to go to one each year, although next time i want to try a haunted corn maze. (have you visited a haunted one and if so how was it?) the maze was sponsored by denver botanic gardens and as members we had tickets for up to 6 (thanks mom!), we went with our good friends kelli & travis.(who had been to one the previous year that was so long they bailed at the half-way point so we’re happy they risked another one with us). hard to tell which makes the cuter couple, travis & kelly or travis and the husband. (;

i’ve never been a tent camper but being in colorado has inspired me to want to take one (possibly could be the one & only) tent weekend, at a state or national park.. bathrooms people, bathrooms! and you’d think i was the one holding us back but nooooo, i’ve been trying to persuade mr man and turns out he’s not that into it. but, i could see one weekend per fall season with a big park, good hikes, and a roaring campfire at night becoming a tradition. like i said, we’ll see.

last year we went to a pumpkin harvest festival and we’ve already marked that on the calendar for this october. we have to pick a pumpkin and have a carving night, and one of these years i’d love to grow pumpkins. and at the tip top of his to-do list is oktoberfest. any recommendations for around colorado? otherwise, i never got to roast marshmallows this summer so that’s my must do on a cool night before it goes on the we never…. list.  and we visited the tiny town of morrison and went to a celtic fest this weekend too so more to come soon!

sunflowersme and him corn maze


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