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meet us in st. louis…


I have to say that St. Louis has a pretty cool landmark in this huge Arch. When we drove through at night the lights of the city with the Arch hovering over everything was beautiful. The park is facing the river on one side and the city on the other and at this time of year we had the place to ourselves, nice for those few photos I could get before the camera went kaput. You can get a true perspective of just how big it is looking at how tiny we are in the photo below…

Ok. Line us up and call us crazy but do you see how tiny (and how few) these windows are? You have to ride in almost total darkness (except for the small neon glow of the tube lighting within the trunk gondola) for a looonggg ride to the top, at which time you get to peek out the tiny window of the gondola out the tiny windows on the arch. Hmmmm. Let’s think about that. Yeah, no. No thank you. It was unanimous.

And not only that, they seat FIVE people in this tiny thing.

With just two of us inside it definitely didn’t feel roomy enough for 3 more, one yes, three no.

Sean and his mom Nanc.. our whole reason for visiting this fair city…
*thanks* for being tour guide Nanc..our visit was just perfect!

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fun photos in missouri…


We got to go see the St Louis Arch up close and personal yesterday and I wanted to get tons of good photos to share.. and guess what? The camera battery, that oh so important piece of electronics is packed way up in the middle of our we’ve-turned-into-the-clampetts-loaded-to-the-gills-car and there is no excavating that sucker till we get home. Upside, the battery stayed on (despite red flashing you-are-out-of-battery-life warnings) just long enough to get some great shots. So happy, thank you camera. But for now, this is what I’ve got. A black screen. We’re on the road, no pictures forthcoming of this leg of the journey, however we’re 300 miles in and nothing but rain so far so not much to take photos of anyway. So there. Tomorrow.. The Arch. It’s pretty cool.

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headin’ home…


we’re out of north carolina and headed home (;
we’re en route to missouri for a day and a half and then denver bound…

meet me in st louis…

we covered 5 states yesterday.. but what a pretty ending.

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