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anyone else thinking about the warm, sunny weather of arizona? it’s snowbird time…


…spring in arizona will be full-swing in about 8 weeks….
(we’re up for pool time in phoenix, baseball games, a blizzard…or five)
…it’s amazing how much there is to do in this one state…

→ holbrook arizona ←

→ the grand canyon ←

→ red rocks ←

→ hoover dam ←

→ phoenix ←

….we can’t believe a year ago we were weeks away from basking in the sun in mesa….
(and now are covered in the 7th?? snowfall so far)

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the hoover dam.


It’s amazing to think of the engineers who built the Hoover Dam, it’s so massive in person. It was the perfect day trip, only 20 minutes outside of Vegas (I kept thinking of the scenes in Transformers). Daylight Savings Time had just gone into effect so the clocks for Arizona & Nevada were the same, otherwise we could have hopped back and forth losing and gaining time..wonder how that works for people working on one side and living on the other?? We were acutely aware of how high it was while walking the top of the dam, the wall along the path is only 4, maybe 4 1/2 feet tall, it makes falling over seem like a real possibility (given just the slightest misstep..or push). Not that it isn’t safe, it just seems very…accessible would be the word. (;

(FYI..various tours are offered: the power plant tour: $11/person, the whole kit & kaboodle tour: power plant, visitor center and dam passageways for $30/person (maybe channel Chevy Chase from Vegas Vacation), or visitor center only: admission $8, plus all parking for the dam is $7 cash)

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