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isabelle glacier.


It’s amazing how you can be in the heart of a nice sized city like Denver and 20 minutes later be in wide open land with the Rocky Mountains beckoning you forward. It’s one of the things we most love about Denver.. you truly get the best of both right in your backyard. Below is a photo of the winding road in Brainard Lake Recreation (leading to the Long Lake Trailhead). It feels like sasquatch could come out at any moment.. (;

and this is why the park is only open limited months a year….snow, 10ft deep…

He and I are definitely those people who hear about bear attacks due to crowding/climate/global warming/etc. creating shortage of food and thus sending the bears into campgrounds and along populated hiking trails and never forget it, sticking in our brains like glue. Bears? Mountain Lions??? No thanks. It really does make us pause when the biggest sign there is at the start of the trail is Attention! Mountain Lion Activity in this Area! I mean, do we really, really want to go see the glacier that bad? We took the chance, mainly because the parking lot was full, and that meant there were people ahead of us, giving us ample time to run out screaming before them. Seriously.

wanna go? here’s the link with directions & more specifics:

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