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road trip eye candy…


»»» do you have a vintage or unique trailer/rv you’d like to share?
send us an email at hello@camp1899.com «««

{all images except our airstream eddie are via pinterest}

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lumberjack lane…


…of all the roadside attractions we saw this past year,
nothing shocked me as much as rounding the corner of the road
and seeing paul bunyan & the babe (see our visit here).

{want your own bunyan & the babe? from top right 1, 2&3, 4, 5, 6&7}

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home on wheels guests… tiffani & deke


Tiffani and Deke are living the dream full-time in their Airstream… they downsized (for maybe ever.. so they really downsized) and recently made a big cross-country life move from hot hot Texas to the Pacific Northwest (super jealous.. one of our very favorite spots). Tiffani is one of those treasures of a friend that I’d have never known if it weren’t for blogging and I’m so glad she and Deke took time to share what their past year has been like. If you’re wanting to do the same or just love all things Airstream, pop over to their blog www.weaselmouth.com and catch up on their adventures.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of your life on wheels!


1. How did the idea first come up between you two to buy/live in an Airstream?

We’d had our 22′ International in Chicago for a few years, but because of the weather, couldn’t really use it that much. Then we moved to Texas, and the more we camped, the more we loved being in/around the Airstream!  It made everything so much better, so we sold our 22′ (if anyone has it, send pictures!) upgraded to a 27 ft, and when our lease ended in Dallas, we decided to try and live in it full-time. Finding an RV park close to a city was tough (it seems to be like that around cities everywhere) but we were lucky to live in an area that had a few options that weren’t too far from where Deke worked, so we figured why not? That was February 13, 2011.

→ Our first Airstream ←

→ Our first fulltime campground, Blue Bonnet in Texas ←

2. What were the hardest parts of deciding to go for it? 

Psychologically, it wasn’t hard at all, it was a natural decision. I think when you love something like we love spending time in the Airstream, you just try to make it happen! Practically, it was hard to get rid of things. Books, photos, clothes, sentimental tidbits…but we did it slowly with yard sales, giving things to friends, selling books. It all worked out, but it took a few months. We still have a few things we haven’t gotten rid of yet and I refuse to throw away, but I guess that’s another story.

→ All That’s Left  ←
(On the day we moved out of the house this was all that we had — and it all fit in the truck, thankfully)

3. Do you have an estimated time you want to live in the Airstream or do you feel like it’s forever? 

We hope to live in it forever. Ideally, we’d like to find a nice plot of land to park it on so we can have a garden and maybe a shed to store some things, but still travel in it when we want. Right now we have no desire to own a house or condo again. Been there, done that. Our needs might change, who knows — it would nice to have a bathtub again, and Deke would love more space for Men’s Town, but for now this is really an ideal situation for us.

4. Did you have any preconceived ideas about your new life a year ago (when you were just starting out) that has proven completely different than you thought? 

We both thought we’d travel more…like every weekend, which we don’t. Everything we own is here, and because we use it every day, things are lying out for convenience. Not that it’s hard to put away spices and pack up patio furniture, but it does get annoying to do it every weekend. We need to work on that!

5. What do you wish you knew prior to this past year that you now know?

We wish we would’ve had some previous RV experience. We had none, and only through experience can you really learn about living like this full-time. We made a lot of rookie mistakes, and some cost us (literally), but we really tried to reach out to the network of people we knew out there to get help. That’s another reason we started the blog — we’re hoping newbies can learn from the mistakes we made in the first year and save themselves some time and money.

6. What are the three hardest things about living in an airstream? three easiest?


1.Keeping up with things — whether that be dishes and laundry, or fixing a leak. Sometimes I think it’s harder to keep a small space clean!

2. Making repairs to the Airstream while living it. Major fixes are hard to do without getting a hotel.

3. Trying not to accumulate too much stuff.

3.5. Finding an RV park to live in fulltime.


1. We never have to rummage around for things. We have 3 drawers instead of 6, so everything goes into one place. If it’s not there, it’s probably lost.

2. Comfort. We’re super comfortable and cozy here — the design makes it really easy to live in.

3. Getting around and traveling is easier than we thought — it’s a lot easier to tow than we expected!

7. If you could change anything about your Airstream what would it be?

I would love to get California Closets in here — the closet is a decent size, but it needs shelves or something. The bedroom area is always cold because it lifts up into the storage area which is connected outside — the temperature of the bed reflects the temperature outside whether its 110 in Texas or 30 in Seattle, and it can be uncomfortable, so I’d change something there. I would also make the kitchen table smaller and lighter. That thing is a monster – I really cant put it up by myself!

8. What do you find to be the biggest misconceptions of living in an RV?

That you cant possibly have enough room to live comfortably. You’ll have enough room if you keep what’s important and necessary. Sure, this would be a horrible lifestyle for people that collect things! We’ve also had a lot of people give us ‘that look’ — you know the one — the “Oh, how interesting, you live in an RV park” look. We’ve found beautiful parks that are infinitely better than the neighborhoods we lived in and filled with the nicest people we’ve ever met.

→ This is the view from my park that I get to see everyday! ←

9. financially has this cost less than you thought, more? and what has been the most unexpected expense you’ve incurred?

We thought this would save us oodles of cash, and to a certain extent, it is cheaper than a mortgage, but we think overall it costs more than we thought it would. Gas is a huge expense, and RV parts and service aren’t cheap — it’s the little things that add up like LED lights, a generator and internet service. But in the long run, I think it’ll be cheaper as long as we take care of our things.

10. what advice would you give someone considering following in your footsteps? 

Before we bought our first Airstream, we researched and looked at them for about 2 years. By the end of that time, we knew we wanted one, we were confident we could take care of it properly and we did a lot of soul searching about the lifestyle and if it was for us. We didn’t intend on living in it full-time at that point, but because we were so confident in our decision to buy an Airstream, we never doubted ourselves, so that paved our way to living in it full-time.

As far as specifics go, we’d advise:
1. Don’t live in your trailer in tornado alley during tornado season.

2. Buy a generator. You’ll need it at some point, and when you do, there won’t be any around to buy.

3. Always put the awning up at any sign of rain and always overnight. (We broke ours…)

4. Be mentally ready to get rid of all your stuff.

5. If you plan on living anywhere below 45 degrees, get a mattress pad warmer!

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petrified tchotchkes..


the petrified forest was one of our favorite afternoons..
it’s not what everyone expects..since it’s not really a forest, have you been?
did you love it or were you disappointed?

(missed our visit? go here & here to take a peek)

need a petrified tchotchke?
from top left, clockwise..
one, two, three, four, five, six & seven

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roadtrip dreaming..


»»»» even though january isn’t the best time to get away,
it sure is when we think about it a lot…don’t you? ««««

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serving up… yellowstone


do you collect plates? we collect pressed pennies (;
clockwise starting top left corner:

one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve

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only YOU can prevent forest fires…


one, two, three, four, five, six, seven & eight

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anyone else thinking about the warm, sunny weather of arizona? it’s snowbird time…


…spring in arizona will be full-swing in about 8 weeks….
(we’re up for pool time in phoenix, baseball games, a blizzard…or five)
…it’s amazing how much there is to do in this one state…

→ holbrook arizona ←

→ the grand canyon ←

→ red rocks ←

→ hoover dam ←

→ phoenix ←

….we can’t believe a year ago we were weeks away from basking in the sun in mesa….
(and now are covered in the 7th?? snowfall so far)

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365 days ago…


we’re celebrating another ANNIVERSARY. one year ago today WE took off in our AIRSTREAM looking for anything and everything. our first stop included BEIGNETS for the first time, candy’s can-we-have-them-everyday-amazing-MARGARITAS, and lots of work on eddie. oye. walked most of MAGAZINE street in new orleans. rode the ALGIERS ferry. drank a PINA COLADA from a drive-thru daquiri place. can we have one in denver please. saw the most amazing rocks on the KUMEYAAY hwy. made it to HOLLYWOOD and saw lots of STARS. thought about pretty woman as we walked along RODEO drive. walked amongst GIANTS. tried to convince the husband to grab onto a trolley and belt out rice-a-roni the san franciso treat. failed. ate the very best chicago style vegan DEEP DISH pizza. three times. drank thai TEA. watched FORTUNE COOKIES being made. walked in the petrified FOREST. found the best mexican restaurant in las cruces new mexice. hello stuffed sopapillas we like you a lot. learned all about BORDER control. went thrifting on SOCO in austin. watched old FAITHFUL erupt. stood next to a BUFFALO. saw about a hundred more. peered into turquoise POOLS and got steamy glasses. ran into an airstream with a doughnut on top. saw CANADA from the seattle shoreline. visited cadillac RANCH. saw the biggest blue BEAR ever. went to the BERNSTAIN bears hometown. fell head over heels in love with ROSLYN washington. dreamed about having more deep dish pizza. had a flat in one of the HOTTEST cities in america. saw the LONDON bridge. in ARIZONA. dared to go to the WICKEDEST town in the west. saw my first big cactus. jumped back and forth between arizona and nevada on the HOOVER dam. thought about TRANSFORMERS hanging off of the dam. couldn’t believe the dense forest in FLAGSTAFF. took pictures of EDDIE next to the wigwam TEEPEES. watched a BASEBALL game during spring training. went on tea, beer and wine TASTING tours. decided not to leave the ROCKIES. made LISTS of everywhere we still want to GO. blogged a lot. shared some FAVORITES. got frustrated some. had FUN. feel blessed. can’t wait to get out there all over again.

♥♥♥♥a big THANK you to all who follow along with us, we’re so happy you do♥♥♥♥

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we had a BIG year, how about you? we sold almost all of our stuff. uprooted ourselves in search of ADVENTURE and a new home. drove over THIRTY thousand miles. experienced lots of the U.S.A. camped for our very FIRST time ever. drove all of california. fell in love with SEATTLE. saw amazing wide open spaces. felt like KINDRED spirits with marathon and marfa texas. blogged over 12oo posts. met amazing new blog FRIENDS. learned a lot about living in an AIRSTREAM. drove through a blizzard, ice storm, rain storm and sunny bright skies all in ONE day. finally saw MONTANA. confirmed that it’s is one of the most beautiful places ever. had one four vegan blizzards in tempe arizona that were the best things i ate all year. WISH i could get them everywhere. ate vegan REUBENS all over the place. none beat the CHICAGO diners version. went on the most torturous BIKE ride ever known to man in SAN DIEGO. had some 20 degree NIGHTS and over 100 degree days. went on inspiring hikes in JOSHUA TREE national park. hiked almost the entire south rim of the grand canyon. saw lots of NEON in las vegas. and michael jackson, darth vader and minnie mouse. visited the close encounters of the third kind house in fairhope ALABAMA. ate at top notch in AUSTIN texas and felt like we had stepped into dazed and confused. had the best thai food we’ve ever eaten in NAPA. walked the entire GOLDEN GATE bridge. had DIM SUM for the first time. and loved it. bought a teeny tiny HOUSE in edgewater colorado. couldn’t believe we were new homeowners AGAIN. two became three with our new miniature bulldog penelope. hiked to a GLACIER. watched FIREWORKS from our backyard. got into more renovating than we ever thought possible. wondered from time to time how we got into so much renovating. fell in ♥ with colorado. missed SOUTHERNERS. said hallelujah to living in no humidity. spent thanksgiving in charlotte. watched the macys day PARADE. missed NYC. came home to MORE diy. and SNOW. scraped my car windows for the first time since.. embraced wholeheartedly having a home. plotted our next roadtrips. watched SUPER 8. bought it in blu-ray because it’s awesome. saw poltergeist for the first time. wondered how that had escaped me. and LEARNED more than we could imagine about everything. well not everything but a lot. blogged about most of it. are thankful for everything. 2012….

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