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we had a BIG year, how about you? we sold almost all of our stuff. uprooted ourselves in search of ADVENTURE and a new home. drove over THIRTY thousand miles. experienced lots of the U.S.A. camped for our very FIRST time ever. drove all of california. fell in love with SEATTLE. saw amazing wide open spaces. felt like KINDRED spirits with marathon and marfa texas. blogged over 12oo posts. met amazing new blog FRIENDS. learned a lot about living in an AIRSTREAM. drove through a blizzard, ice storm, rain storm and sunny bright skies all in ONE day. finally saw MONTANA. confirmed that it’s is one of the most beautiful places ever. had one four vegan blizzards in tempe arizona that were the best things i ate all year. WISH i could get them everywhere. ate vegan REUBENS all over the place. none beat the CHICAGO diners version. went on the most torturous BIKE ride ever known to man in SAN DIEGO. had some 20 degree NIGHTS and over 100 degree days. went on inspiring hikes in JOSHUA TREE national park. hiked almost the entire south rim of the grand canyon. saw lots of NEON in las vegas. and michael jackson, darth vader and minnie mouse. visited the close encounters of the third kind house in fairhope ALABAMA. ate at top notch in AUSTIN texas and felt like we had stepped into dazed and confused. had the best thai food we’ve ever eaten in NAPA. walked the entire GOLDEN GATE bridge. had DIM SUM for the first time. and loved it. bought a teeny tiny HOUSE in edgewater colorado. couldn’t believe we were new homeowners AGAIN. two became three with our new miniature bulldog penelope. hiked to a GLACIER. watched FIREWORKS from our backyard. got into more renovating than we ever thought possible. wondered from time to time how we got into so much renovating. fell in ♥ with colorado. missed SOUTHERNERS. said hallelujah to living in no humidity. spent thanksgiving in charlotte. watched the macys day PARADE. missed NYC. came home to MORE diy. and SNOW. scraped my car windows for the first time since.. embraced wholeheartedly having a home. plotted our next roadtrips. watched SUPER 8. bought it in blu-ray because it’s awesome. saw poltergeist for the first time. wondered how that had escaped me. and LEARNED more than we could imagine about everything. well not everything but a lot. blogged about most of it. are thankful for everything. 2012….

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5 Responses to “twothousandeleven.”

  1. Monica says:

    and I can’t wait to celebrate all of 2012 with the 3 of you! :)

  2. Lindsey says:

    I am WIPED out after reading all that you have done in 2011! Seriously, that is ridiculously amazing and I hope to have a list like that before I kick the pail. I’m with Monica, can’t wait for 2012 with you two..l mean 3 Penelope!!!

  3. DeAnn says:

    I’ve been away from your blog. Reason – got hooked on the big bang theory…more television time and less computer time. I’m looking forward to catching up. I’m glad you saw Poltergeist. The spousal unit and I saw it on our first date. Happy new year!

    • tiffany says:

      hello awesome first date! i love 80′s movies (well really anything 80′s) totally had to buy it on dvd so i could watch it each year (;
      glad you’re back and i totally understand the tube sucking you in, nothing beats a little tv time xo, t.

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