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full-time vs. vacation


One of the most common thoughts about us (or anyone traveling full-time) is that it’s just one big long vacation. This is absolutely not true, for us. If you are independently wealthy and traveling with nary a care in the world or retired and well-set for the rest of your life, then for the most part it probably feels a lot like vacation, otherwise…full-time travel is not a full time vacation. Either you are working on the road and thereby are traveling and living a mobile life but one with work in tow or you are like us, living and doing and seeing and spending your savings to do so. On a vacation you go and see and do and spend your savings….for a week, two at most. Then you go home and go back to work and fill the penny jar back up.

Oh, and when you go for that week or two (unless you’re a total work-goes-with-me-everywhere type) you’re carefree. You don’t take the bills with you, you don’t do laundry, go to the grocery store, pay bills, take out the garbage, clean daily, wash your car, wash your “house”, do home maintenance and all the other things that makes the life wheel go round and round. Full time travel requires all of this and then some.

People say oh, you’re so lucky, you just travel and can do anything and have not a care in the world. We wish. Yes, we are traveling and doing what a lot of people dream about. Yes, we are not working at a 9-5 job. Yes, we have flexibility in our schedule. Yes, yes, yes. We also do all of the above listed chores and constantly have errands (just like the rest of the world), we aren’t working full-time (although the blogs substitute for mine and are time consuming just like a job..thank goodness I love it!), but not working full-time means full-time spending so that is nothing like a vacation mentality.. we have to think of our money and budget constantly. We have more home and car repairs than average because the wear and tear is faster from being constantly on the move.

The bottom line is, it isn’t a vacation. We are sharing this because if you’re thinking of getting “out there” these are major things to think about. Every situation is different. If you’re young and wanting to do this you will have many similar experiences, mainly because, chances are you aren’t doing this forever. You will have to stop and settle and work, etc..(unless you are working on the road which we have already stated is completely different…although the vacation vs. full-time living still applies) If you are going to travel “full-time” but have a home base, this makes things somewhat easier in that you have a place to bounce back to and possibly stop for more pennies in the bank, but if you are uprooting completely like we did, you will have to have the consideration of where will you stop when you need to, even if for only a few months. This can be much harder than it sounds depending on your criteria or super easy if you have simple needs and expectations.

This if the experience of a lifetime and we are very lucky. Our planning, saving and scheming is allowing us to do something few go out and do. We get to see lots of things and some of them are amazing and lots I now know I could have skipped forever without missing a beat. We have so many fun days and moments but days that feel just like we’re on vacay…. not so many. It’s reality of life on the road. Not the princess version. So before you say to someone, what do you have to worry about or you’re life is so easy, remember life on the road is still life, with all the ups & downs. Real expectations will make your travels a thousand times more rewarding.

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3 Responses to “full-time vs. vacation”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Very thoughtful post, very true, hadn’t thought about that before. I definitely didn’t think of you guys as “on vacation”, but thought of it more as a very fun lifestyle change. So I know you are having fun but maybe not the tons of fun daily that I envisioned. Real life, even on the road!

  2. tiffany says:

    we ran, but real life runs just as fast as we do (:

  3. Mom says:

    Yes, you hit it on the nail….. that’s what the majority of people think and even when you tell some of them they still don’t get it. It is an adventure and it sure as hell doesn’t always go as planned, but, not everyone wants two weeks off for good behavior! And, as you say, everyday life is basically the same, home on wheels and a different view out the window. Sean doing the dishes:) and you on your many blogs….

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