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the grand canyon.


««as first time visitors we were in awe, we hiked most of the upper rim and had the best time»»
have you been? its too pretty to miss..

«village lodge»

«hiking trails»

«desert view watchtower»

«one meter = one million years»

«277 miles of the colorado river»

                                                      «a few fun facts & tips about the Grand Canyon»
The Grand Canyon’s average depth is one mile, it encompasses a million acres of land, the width ranges from one half to eighteen miles wide, the South Rim is open year round while the North Rim is only open between May and October. The South Rim is 7000ft above sea level and the North Rim is 8000ft above sea level (with unpredictable weather, snow can fall year round) and receives over 5 million visitors every year. We spoke to one of the guides about best times to visit, temperatures, etc. and she told us that early Spring (before Easter as we were able to do) is one of the very best times because of milder weather and much less traffic. The absolute craziest times are any and all holidays and summer. On our visit it was in the 70′s and quite warm while hiking, she said summer is very hot, much more so than people expect. Traffic and parking are unbelievably congested during both holidays and summer (the park was relatively empty while we visited and parking was still scarce). We felt lucky to have visited during an off time, the trails were almost empty, we had no trouble getting around, if you can it’s nice not to be looky-looing with the masses.


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  1. Terrah says:

    I used to live in Kanab, Utah for a bit in between all the canyons and parks and sadly never got to go see them because I was working all the time, so I love seeing your photos. I miss the vivid colors and bright, clear blue skies. Your photos look lovely!

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