blueberries & lasagna


first thing let me just say what i’ve thought for a long time but have failed to mention previously; whenever you see amazing pictures of food.. the photographers behind them are just plain genius. taking pictures (that make you want whatever is pictured immediately) of food is hard. lighting, lighting, lighting, background, oh, and pretty food. this is why you almost never see pictures of food on this blog. no matter how pretty in person, getting a photo that conveys this is not so 1-2-3. i have tremendous respect for the bloggers who showcase food and bring it to new levels. if you haven’t ever tried it, give it a whirl just once to see and you’ll feel the same way. (if you haven’t seen these food blogs, take a peek, you’ll see what i mean: what katie ate & smitten kitchen)

but these two recipes were the highlight of our saturday evening so here you go. recipes on the internet are more than plentiful and hard to decide between but when i saw no-noodle lasagna (on say yes to hoboken) i knew we had to try it. we limit the amount of processed carbs we eat, and although we have a brown rice pasta we love we didn’t really want to do the lasagna noodles if we could find a healthier substitute. this recipe calls for zucchini in place of the noodles and is definitely a recipe-on-rotation now. the only hard thing about it is cutting the zucchini into strips (peeling, 2 seconds..). any tricks of the trade for slicing a slippery zucchini into 4 or 5 long even pieces? i would love to know.

we both loved it, he eats dairy cheese, i don’t, so we made two small pans and they turned out perfect. as a side note the recipe mentions that you might bake the zucchini strips for 5-10 minutes prior to cut down on water released. i did this and we had no issues, it is a soupier lasagna than some, partly i think from the simplicity of the recipe and few ingredients used. i’m not sure how much of a difference it would make either way, but i’ll continue to pre-cook the strips to be on the safe side.

and the other little recipe we couldn’t resist was hot blueberry cheddar dip (on how sweet it is). uhmm yeah, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what drew us to that one. we again made two so mister man could have real white cheddar as the recipe calls for. i used follow your heart mozzarella because we couldn’t find any monterrey jack (the only other white vegan cheese that i like), and we both used vegan tofutti cream cheese. here’s our take, hot, we felt like the cream cheese made the flavors a little more bland or homogenous, and we don’t think regular cream cheese would be any different, but don’t know this for sure. using the tofutti brand, we would cut the cream cheese down from a full 8 oz to maybe half or 3/4. (did we eat both without hesitation, yes & yes)

we ate some cold the next morning and it was sooo good. regardless of how you make it, cold on a bagel.. would be very addicting. we both love it and will definitely make it again, we just want to experiment with it a little. we highly recommend it, the blueberries pop and are the best. anyhoo, if you try it let me know your thoughts, and if you make any changes that you recommend, include those too!


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  1. lindseyjo says:

    Those both look delicious!!! I have made zoodle lasagna before and we love it! Chris was upset with me at first cuz he is “allergic” to veggies, but he was pleasantly surprised:) I need to try it with the daiya cheese, last time it was with regular dairy. I didn’t precook the zucchini either, perhaps I should try that cuz I think there was some extra agua in the pan…that blueberry dip looks hollah good! Must try that!!!!! And the crap cares about food pictures, I just want your vegan recipes yesterday. so get on it.

    • tiffany says:

      both are SO good!! and now reading your comment, i will definitely pre cook my zucchini each time (; i used daiya and it was great! and i hear ya honey.. must. share. vegan. recipes. check!

  2. lindseyjo says:

    I think your pics are perfect and real and I want to know what they will look like in reality!!!!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love trying new recipes, especially when they turn out yummy like these two did for you!

  4. Joy says:

    Love your blog, and it makes my day to see vegan recipes here!

    • tiffany says:

      thanks joy!! i have been vegan for 10 years but as stated in this post, pictures of food is not my fave..haha!! so i don’t do many food posts, but i’m going to try and slip one in occasionally! thanks so much for commenting! xo, t.

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